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Coaching - is future focused and goal orientated!               Supporting you  to move forward!

Coaching ???

So, your thinking about being Coached ?

Aug 16, 2017

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Phone: +44 7530 963 889

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James has put together the most frequently asked questions about coaching or you. Check out our FAQs.

Welcome to A Coach 4 U



Coaching is about R.P. M :-

Results focused, Purpose driven, and having a Massive action Plan



A Coach provides support and helps clients develop their action plans, resolve current challenges, and move forward to a life that they seek and deserve. 






Moving YOU forward to YOUR FUTURE!!


James has worked as a Coach for many years and has a wealth of experience and skills to offer his clients.


Successful Coaching requires experience and specific training.


James began his training with The Coaching Academy.

He is Graduate of the Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Leadership Academy.


James was invited to become and was accepted as a member of the Anthony Robbins -  Senior Leadership Team, supporting events and coaching clients around the world.


James specialise in meeting the coaching requirements of individuals, whatever their needs or circumstances.


He offers the highest level of Professional coaching. 




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